About Missoula

The Culture
Once a former timber town, Missoula is now a very diverse and vibrant community. You won’t be here long before seeing a bumper sticker that reads “Keep Missoula Weird”. It has also been said that “Missoula is only 20 miles from Montana” but Missoula is just as tolerant as eclectic. All are welcome in this place where outdoor enthusiasts, business professionals, artists, writers, musicians, college students, hipsters, hippies, farmers and ranchers coexist.

Heavily influenced by the University of Montana and especially the Montana Grizzly football program, this town bleeds Griz maroon. On Griz game days this small town of approx. 69,000 explodes as fans come from all over the State and even beyond to support their team.

Montana Griz

This beautiful city, rich with character also boasts a developing music and thriving art scene. The downtown really comes alive for First Friday Art Walk/Gallery Night. Saturday mornings can be even busier at the Farmers Market between May and October where there are over 100 vendors serving local produce in downtown Missoula.

Missoula’s culture is truly unlike any other throughout the region and you will be hard pressed to find another community that has more passion and pride about where they live.

The Landscape
Many believe that Missoula is a perfect mix of town and country. Voted one of “American’s top 10 River towns” and arguably one of America’s best small cities, but one thing is for sure- the best part of Missoula is the land beyond. Missoula is the hub of five valleys, surrounded by mountains and protected open space, there is wilderness in all directions, a ski resort 20 minutes from town and yes like the movie says “a river runs through it”.

missoula rivers

The Missoula area has approx. 400 Acres of parklands, 5,000 Acres of open space and 22 miles of trails including those on both sides of the Clark Fork River that connects the downtown to nearby neighborhoods and the University of Montana. There are 3 bicycle/pedestrian bridges in the downtown area as well and Missoula is nationally known for being a bicycle friendly community. Locals maintain a very healthy and active lifestyle and love to hike water works hill to the North and Mount Sentinel or “The M” to the east. Home to world-class fly-fishing, several creeks, the Bitterroot, Blackfoot and Clark Fork Rivers also all converge in Missoula, a fly fisher’s paradise! If the 3 rivers aren’t enough, a 52-mile blue ribbon stream “Rock Creek” is also just 22 miles east of Missoula and is arguably the finest trout-fishing stream in Montana. This town is hands down an outdoorsman’s dream and is the reason many now call Missoula home.

The Climate
While most towns can be a little too hot or overly cold during the year, Missoula’s climate is comprised of four very distinct and nearly perfect seasons. By the time you are getting tired of the weather you plunge into another season. With each new season comes the joy of anticipating the next outdoor recreational activity. Spring, summer and fall are great for hiking, biking and fly-fishing while many hunt and ski during the winter. With fresh snow and all of the holiday lights, Christmas time in downtown Missoula can be flat out magical. Regardless of what type of climate you
prefer, Missoula’s seasons will keep you entertained.

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